Well hello there!

My name’s Nica, pleased to meet ya!

So I’m a 16 year old pretty average girl living in a suburb who loves food. I mean like, I just love food. There are SO MANY different things you can do with it! I’m guessing this love was bred by my Italian mother who cooks gosh knows what, and my dad who constantly grills everything. The joke in the family is my mom is the chef, my dad is the griller, and I’m the baker. Pretty good lifestyle!

Baking is my hobby, but other than that, I have been playing the violin for 12 years. All that classical stuff, you know. The stuff you’re like “Oh my GOSH who would EVER listen to that?!?!” Yeah, that stuff. And you may be surprised how good classical music actually is! But news flash to people who have no idea what classical music is: Bach, Vivaldi, Mozart, and Beethoven are not the only four composers who ever roamed the planet. And no, my ipod is not filled exclusively with classical music.


Other than violin, I row competitively. It’s  a weird sport. Like, really weird. When someone asks me why I do it I literally have no idea how to respond because I have no. idea. why. I do it. But I know I love it and even though my hands are currently raw from new blisters, it’s all worth it. Because for a stroke when you get it perfect, it feels like you’re flying. Plus, I mean, you get a sick tan. (That’s my boat from this fall 🙂 )

Screen Shot 2013-12-21 at 10.01.33 PM

Other than that, school is…school….pretty average. I mean, I’m kinda crazy, but who isn’t?

So yeah, violin, rowing, and making food!  And maybe some homework. Maybe.

Some notes about the blog! Some of these recipes are healthy, some are….not so much at all. So. I will list the calories for some that are baked with health in mind, but not for those which are purely for your sweet tooth ;D


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